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We are a full-service Architecture + Interior design firm.  We are fully licensed and open for business in the Peoples Republic of China. We offer our clients a variety of standard services tailored to their specific needs.  We have the capability to phase and partner our projects to offer our clients complete service packages. Please contact us to learn more.

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We take pride and ownership in our work.

DDI was founded upon a very simple belief that there is always a better way. We believe in continuous learning and adaptation to meet the world’s greatest challenges. We see things through from initial meetings to final deliveries. We strive constantly to push forward new methods, procedures, and further improve upon the status quo. Our goal is to bring attentive care, craft, and consistent delivery to our projects in China.

We have an extensive background in both Interior Design & Architecture. We can seamlessly develop your project from an initial design brief to a built reality, both inside and out, simultaneously.  Efficiencies of design can be realized through a comprehensive design process, we call IPD (Integrated Project Delivery).

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We strive to bring fresh cutting edge design via innovative methods to the Chinese market. We help to further improve facilities, increase collaboration, and improve communication with the rest of the world.

Our long term goal is to further improve our international connections bridging Eastern & Western markets.



Listed below are our key milestones.

  • 2010 - Moved to Shanghai.
  • 2019 - China company registration
  • China Shanghai Design Architecture
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